A Day of Firsts at al-Qout Market

Today was an important day for Baby Dowd. It was a day of firsts. He’ll no doubt look back on this day during other life-changing events – his college graduation, the birth of his first child – as one of the days that shaped the person he’s become.

And so, in no particular order, we have a Connor’s day of firsts at al-Qout market:

His first koshery. I say “in no particular order,” but anyone who’s been to Egypt knows why I put this first. For those less fortunate, koshery is the quintessential Egyptian street food. It’s a bowl of rice, lentils, at least two kinds of pasta, and chick peas, topped with tomato sauce and fried onions. In fact, koshery is Arabic for “all the carbs.” Just kidding, it isn’t. But it is about ten thousand calories, and Connor was in heaven. It turns out that despite having only three teeth, he can slurp down pasta with the best of them.

like father, like son

His first goat. This baby pygmy goat, the mascot of al-Qout market’s goat cheese stand, was very interested in Connor’s jacket. As you can see from this photo, Connor had all kinds of feelings about the goat in return, most of them negative. He does love goat cheese, though, so there’s hope. (Also he’s very fancy.)

staring contest
That side eye is on point.

His first farmer’s market. Speaking of fancy, al-Qout market is Kuwait’s take on organic produce, specialty locally-sourced food items, and local artists. So as you might expect, Connor saw more adorable mason jars, tiny soaps, and expensive juices than any baby needs to see. It was gratuitous, but damn it, it was cute.

al qout market

His first free sample. It was a dixie cup of lentil soup, and though he ended up wearing most of it, he was delighted by the mouthfuls that made it into his body.

spicy pickles

For us, all travel is food, and we’re ecstatic that Connor has embraced adventurous eating.  He seems to approach all new experiences in fearless baby fashion, with a head-long rush and his father right behind him.

always running






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