Our Story

We begin, like all good stories, in the middle of things.



In August 2015, my super good-looking husband and I put our favorite things in boxes, stuck the majority of our college-era furniture in storage, and moved across the Atlantic to the tiny, oil-rich, desert nation of Kuwait. We had both lived abroad before, together and separately. We’d studied abroad too, backpacked around Europe and central America, been tongue-tied by foreign languages and strange foods. That voice, the one that tells you to keep moving, whispering that there’s more magic in the next city, at the top of the next mountain, just across the border, if you can only reach it – we’ve always heard it.

Our journey to Kuwait, however, and every trip after, is different. Now there are three of us. So come with us as we traipse around the world with a very tolerant, very cheerful baby in tow. We’re learning as we go here, and your guess is as good as ours as far as what comes next. I can promise you some travel stories, hopefully some laughter, the things we loved and didn’t love. There might be the occasional book review, maybe some photos, a few posts on our efforts to parent our silly, reckless baby into some kind of happy, fearless toddler, comfortable in both his own country and wherever we happen to be living.

Ultimately, this is a catalogue of the way traveling makes us better, as people and as parents. We’re growing here, from the crazy fools who sometimes slept in parks because the hotels were booked to people who can’t remember what happiness was before we found it in tiny hands and little smiles.

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